Selling Tips

Be prepared

Are you selling a used car? If you're selling a used car, the key is to be prepared. That's the ultimate used car selling tip.

  • Search through our inventory and see what others are asking for similiar vehicles, taking into consideration some of the following;
    • Mileage
    • Condition
    • Extended Warranties (Are they Transferable?)
    • Maintenance Records
    • Options - such as Air Conditioning, Leather, Sunroof, etc
  • Selling a used car privately is likely to yield the highest price, but it can be a time-consuming, expensive process.

  • Selling a used car either as a trade-in or directly to a dealer limits your hassles, but will likely not get you top dollar for your vehicle.

  • If you decide to sell privately, advertise your used car by using word-of-mouth, for sale signs in your car window, and classified advertising.

  • In your classified ad, include make, model, year, and price. Briefly describe the most attractive feature about your vehicle: low mileage? Garaged? One owner?

  • Clean the car's interior, exterior, and windows. Well-kept vehicles command better prices.

  • Change the oil, top off the fluids, replace the air filter, and fill the tires. A well-maintained car commands a higher price.

  • Put a "For Sale Sign" for your vehicle's window! You can buy these from a local store or if you already have an ad listed with us you can create a custom For Sale sign free of charge, Click Here for Details. Remember to park your vehicle in a high people traffic area (like near a shopping mall entrance) to get the most inquires.

  • You can also do the same to create a custom "For Sale Flyer" to display in local grocery stores, community & recreation centers, golf courses, churches, college campuses... anywhere you might find an announcement or bulletin board that allows advertising! Auto For Sale Signs & Flyers are free to all sellers using our site.

  • Be prepared with the title, owners manual, maintenance records, and department of motor vehicles documents necessary to complete the sale.

  • Be prudent about meeting strangers wishing to look at your vehicle. It's safest to meet in a public area - your place of work, for example - rather than your residence. Accompany potential buyers if they want to take a test drive, but don't do it alone.

  • In negotiating the final sale price of your used car, decide in advance what your lowest acceptable price will be.

  • The most acceptable forms of payment are cash, a cashier's check, or money order. Be wary of accepting any other forms of payment.

Remember the key tip to selling a used car is to be as prepared as possible.

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